Celebrate your health

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At Second Wind, we always find ways to add movement for the body.

So come join us this Republic Day – 26th January 2021 and give your body a well deserved movement experience.

This event is dedicated to ‘Spinal Health’. A healthy spine is a sign of true health. Let’s show some love towards it.

Important notes:
* Event will be conducted over Zoom meetings on 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM IST
* Link will be shared 30 mins advance on here, on our Facebook & Instagram Page.
* All you need is a small space, Yoga mat or Non slippery mat for practice
* A positive mindset 🙂
* Wherever you are, please maintain social distancing and other COVID-19 related precautions
* Feel free to invite online friends/family members/colleagues/neighbors. More the merrier!

* Excited to see you! 😀
  • Corporate Wellness Session for VeriPark

    Current situation calls for one-step-ahead strategies. VeriPark has decided to do their bit by organizing this event partnering with Second Wind for their employees who are currently working from home.

    For many, such difficult situations can take a toll on the health – Physical & mental both.

    It was a fun event focusing on how we can manage stress and some easy to do stretches which can be done from the comfort of chair! Not to mention, the water bottle add-on as a dumbbell was like utilizing all available resources to get a mini workout done.

  • Guest lecture at New English School and Jr. College, India

    Children – a critical period of development. They are the key contributor to socio-economic welfare in the coming years. What happens during these years has profound and long-lasting implications on many aspects of their lives.

    As the schools too are teaching remotely, student’s are going through a whole different experience by being away from their teachers & fellow classmates. Along with that their physical activities gotten negligible.

    This guest lecture was an attempt to induce the need of keeping active, tips & tricks which can be easily adapted, role of habits and implications of certain food choices & many more.

    Session ended with answering their curious minds & in the hopes that we may just have helped shape our future generation.

  • Feeling of independence

    Even though it was on short notice, response and energy in all the participants was unbelievable. Here is the glimpse of what happened in the event.

  • Happy Independence Day

    Join us to celebrate Independence day on 15th August with 15 Suryanamaskar

    • Event starts at 8:00AM IST with National Anthem
    • Feel free to do as many rounds as possible
    • Event will be conducted on Zoom
    • Zoom meeting invite will be sent 30 minutes prior to the event
    • Wherever you are, please maintain social distancing and other COVID-19 related precautions
    • Feel free to invite online friends/family members/colleagues/neighbors
    • See you!